What’s the deal with smudging?

Many times when I mention smudging people usually ask me “well what exactly does it do?” For centuries many groups and sects used smudging , all for basically the same reason. To cleanse the space. It is sometimes  used in a censor before religious ceremonies. Some use it when they buy a new home to clear out any lingering energy from the past occupants. I know people who use it after an illness to clear out any of the yuckiness left behind. The uses are many and varied but the results are usually the same. The energy of the area feels lighter, calmer, and a gentleness remains. So how do you do it? To get started you need some smudge. One of the most popular and well-known is sage. You can get smudge bundles, or use loose sage. You will need something to catch the ashes. I use an abalone shell because I can also use this to burn loose sage. When burning loose sage, you will need a charcoal disc to keep the sage burning. Just sprinkle the sage on the disc and light it. Move around the room fanning the smoke.
Don’t forget the corners and especially any areas where the energy feels heavy. You can also state your intentions while clearing the energy. For example, my personal chant is:

Cleanse this place from stress and strife
Fill with peace and love of life
All who enter safe shall be
Fill with joy and harmony
Worry shall not enter here
Protect what’s mine, what I hold dear.

And there you have it! When you finish your home will feel peaceful and calm. Till next time
Bright Blessings

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